Full Professor Marijan Kocbek, Ph.D.

E-mail: marijan.kocbek@um.si
Telephone: +386 (0) 2 250 42 24
Office: 102
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Department: Department of Company Law
  • Company Law (lectures)
  • Law of Obligations (lectures)
  • Company Law and Trust Law (lectures)
  • Business and Company Law: Selected Topics (lectures)

Marijan Kocbek holds a Ph.D. in legal sciences and is a professor at the Faculty of Law. After successfully finishing the College of Law in Maribor, he continued his study at the Ljubljana Faculty of Law, where he obtained his law degree in 1980. Shortly after, he passed the state bar examination in 1981. He then received his title ‘magister znanosti' (master of science) in 1984 and successfully presented his doctoral dissertation, titled ‘Statusnopravni okviri opravljanja gospodarskih dejavnosti jugoslovanskih podjetij v ZDA' under the mentorship of Professor Emeritus Bojan Zabel, Ph.D., at the Ljubljana Faculty of Law in 1989.

He has been an employee of the Faculty of Law since 1991. Before starting with his work at the faculty, he worked mainly in economics (among other he performed as the secretary general of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Slovenia). He further strengthened his knowledge at the New York State University and Cleveland State University.

His scientific and research work deals mostly with company law, namely corporate law and securities law. He is regularly published in national and foreign publications, such as ‘Podjetje in delo', ‘Pravnik' and ‘Pravna praksa'. He participated in the writing of introductory remarks to the Companies Act, and his work on the Companies Ownership Transformation Acts was translated into other languages.

He regularly cooperates with foreign publishing houses with articles on company and corporate law. He is the author and co-author of plenty of independent publications, like ‘Koporacijsko pravo', ‘Delnice in delniška družba', ‘Nadzorni sveti v delniških družbah in družbah z omejeno odgovornostjo' and ‘Pravo družb'. He is one of the authors of the commentary for Takeovers Act, the first and second edition of the Commentary to the Companies Act (3 books) and one of the authors of the original and revised Companies Act (ZGD and ZGD-1).

He also participated or even solely carried out major research work, principally focusing on the field of company and corporate law (‘Obligacijski, stvarnopravni in statusnopravni elementi dolžniških in korporacijskih vrednostnih papirjev' – head of research, ‘Statusnopravni in upravljavski vidik organiziranosti gospodarskih družb v postprivatizacijskem obdobju', ‘Nadaljnje usklajevanje slovenske korporacijske zakonodaje', ‘Prevzemi podjetij in mehanizmi za obrambo pred njimi' – head of research, ‘Primerjalni prikazi zakonskih ureditev prevzemov družb nekaterih držav zahodne Evrope, ZDA in Evropske unije' – head of research and the most extensive research ‘Usklajevanje slovenskega prava družb s pravom EU o gospodarskih družbah' - PHARE project). He lectures in plenty of scientific gatherings, consultations and seminars.

Additionally, his creative influence is to be detected in the field of organising Slovenian law society. He was the president of Association of Company Law Societies in Slovenia, while he now also serves as the vice-president and a member of the presidency of the Association of Law Societies in Slovenia. He was one of the two presidents of the yearly organised Days of Slovenian Lawyers in Portorose, one of the biggest gatherings of Slovenian lawyers, and remains an active part of the organising chain as the member of the organisation and programme committee. He always leads at least one of the sections in the programme or is otherwise active in the conference.

He also actively participated in the Maribor Society for Lawyers in Economy, where he acted as the vice-president for several years. He is the president of the programme committee of the traditional consultation Corporate Entities in the Market, organised by the Institute for Company Law in Maribor (where he acts as the president) and the Maribor Faculty of Law since 1993.

Furthermore, he serves as the arbitrator at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia and works as one of the editors of the well-renowned ‘Podjetje in delo' since 1994. He actively keeps in touch with international legal associations, for instance as a member of the International Bar Association, where he acts as a member of the committee for corporate lawyers and securities section.