"Ingeniis doctrina roborandis moribusrite conformandis"
"Let teaching nurture the God-given talent, let them be trained properly and morally."

The Faculty of Law, University of Maribor, represents an important part of Legal education in Slovenia and helps in developing not only the field of Higher education but also all other aspects of Slovenian society that the law is an integral part of. The law education in the Faculty of Law is widely interconnected with the Slovenian judiciary, lawyers and prosecutors. Our graduates are highly valued when working in the State Administration and Local Government Bodies and mostly when working as lawyers in companies and financial institutions.

The development of the Faculty of Law deriving from the College of Law (Višja pravna šola in 1960-1990) and from the High School of Law (Visoka pravna šola in 1990-1993) is a result of plenty years of effort of all employees, professors, assistants, researchers and other associates working towards a better Faculty and better study environment for its students.

Law is one of the first fields ever to be studied by humans being, also, of major importance to other fields of study, especially those connected to social sciences, as all knowledge about society is somehow connected its order. Law is much more than a system of rules, it is a philosophy that expresses a unique overview of the world and all the people in it. By determining the basic Human Rights and freedoms, law contributes to the creation of a better society. Law is also sociology, in the way its regulation of social encounters sheds a light on them and on their nature – whether wanted, normal, good or bad, allowed or forbidden. Furthermore, law is also a strategy and a helpful instrument in changing the society. (Adapted from "50 Years of Legal Studies, Maribor: Faculty of Law, 2010.”)