Alumni Club

The Faculty of Law has established an Alumni Club. The idea behind it is to connect the graduates of our faculty with each other and with the faculty itself. “Even if you already left the faculty, you can never actually be gone for long!”

The Alumni Club aims to organize social and educational events for its members and inform the members of all the activities in the Maribor Faculty of Law that might be interesting to them. That includes different lectures, discussions and seminars, not all necessary connected to legal topics. Possible themes of events also include very useful questions like rhetorics, emotional intelligence, international legal terminology, discussions of current events, etc..

Every graduate of the Maribor Faculty of Law can become a member of the Alumni Club. Membership is free of charge and can only bring you joy. The plan is to facilitate the members of the Alumni Club in participating in different faculty events.

It is also highly desired that the members of the Alumni Club regularly communicate with the Maribor Faculty of Law, establish a mutually beneficial relationship and participate in organising the events.

For more information on the Alumni Club go to our Facebook page.

If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us. Contact details: