Specialization in knowledge of Tax Law

  • Study programme:
    Specialization in knowledge of tax law
  • The duration of the study programme:
    1 year
  • The study programme comprises (ECTS):
  • Available places:
  • Selection criteria in the event of limited enrolment:
    Available places: 50, candidates will be chosen on the basis of their average grade.
  • Students who fulfil all the obligations required by the study programme receive the professional title:
    confirmation of specialization in tax law

Specialization in knowledge of tax law is a special programme, available to candidates who have concluded:

  • second-cycle master study programme,
  • a University study programme, established before June 11, 2004, composed of, at least, 240 ECTS;
  • a professional higher education study programme, established before June 11, 2004, and specialized studies, resulting in a total sum of at least 240 ECTS points in the fields of law, economy or work organization.

The study programme is only available as part-time study. The starting of the programme depends on the enrollment of at least 10 candidates.

This part-time study programme is organized in a way that each individual course ends before the lectures for the next course begin. The lectures are to be held on Thursday and Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. The schedule for the lectures and all other events, taking place in the course of the programme, is determined in the beginning of the academic year.

Language of the programme: Slovene.

Tuition in 2016/2017: 1.980,00 Euros.