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Subjects for International students in 2021/2022

​​​To help you with the selection of your courses we have provided an overview of the different courses that are offered in English.

Subjects offered for International students in 2021/2022

The First Cycle University Study Programme "LAW" (BOLOGNA 1):

1. English Legal Terminology (U014, 5 ECTS, summer semester)

2. EU Legal System and Institutions (U007, 5 ECTS, summer semester)

3. Private International Law (U021, 5 CTS, winter semester)

4. Family and Succession Law (U010, 7 ECTS, summer semester)

5. Public International Law (U020, 6 ECTS, summer semester)

6. International Trade Law (U032, 6 ECTS, summer semester)

The Second Cycle University Study Programme "LAW" (BOLOGNA 2):

1. Philosophy and Theory of Law (MP02, 7 ECTS, summer semester)

2. European Company Law - Freedom of Establishment (MP20, 7 ECTS, winter semester)

The Second Cycle University Study Programme "EUROPEAN LEGAL STUDIES" (BOLOGNA 2):

1. EU Constitutional and Administrative Law (MEPŠ1, 8 ECTS, winter semester)

2.  European Judicial Protection(MEPŠ2, 8 ECTS, winter semester)

3.  Legal Principles and Economic Policy of the EU Internal Market (MEPŠ3, 8 ECTS, winter semester)

4. Citizenship and Protection of Fundamental Rights in the EU ( MEPŠ7, 8 ECTS, winter semester)

5. EU Foreign Policy (MEPŠ8, 8 ECTS, winter semester)

6. Arbitration Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution (MEPŠ9, 8 ECTS, winter semester)

7. European Labour Law (MEPŠ5, 8 ECTS, summer semester)

8. EU Competition Law (MEPŠ6, 8 ECTS, summer semester)

9. Cross-border Cooperation in Civil Matters (MEPŠ4, 8 ECTS, summer semester)

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The majority of chosen subjects in your LA has to be from the faculty that covers study areas, specified in the Erasmus+ Interinstitutional Agreement between your home university and the University of Maribor.